Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
The beauty of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology

What amased me when I first met Dianetics and Scientology was the amount of logic used in a field usually dominated by theoretical ideas. Hubbards approach to the human mind was entirely different from anything I had seen. He applied common sence, intelligence and plain observation. And he always used the parameter of results. The thesis could be interesting, yes, but did it work? If it did not produce a positive result then Hubbard would simply leave it. I warmly recommend books like Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health, Dianetics The Evolution of a Science and others. It is fasinating reading and the beauty of it all is that it gives you a technology.

A precise technology to deal with the problems of the human mind. And it works. I can tell from my own experiences and from experiences of the many Scientologists I have known. Not all, but most of them have incredible successes to tell. An example of my own is being frightened of dogs. I have aways had a fear of dogs. After having finished OT III I had forgotten all about it untill one day I was suddenly confronted with an angry dog. I had no reaction, no fear, no shaky legs or pumping heart. And of course I had no problem to calm down the dog. It was absolutely no problem. A great win for me.

In modern auditing the Auditor uses an e-meter. It is an instrument which can measure physical resistance in the body. The person being audited holds an electrode in each hand and is then connected to the e-meter. The Auditor uses the reactions of the needle to direct his auditing questions to areas where the PC has problems. It is a tool which is mandatory to modern auditing. Hubbard researched the various needle reactions and developed a precise technology to use in auditing. When you train in the use of an e-meter you will be surprised how exact this instrument works. And when you start using it in auditing you will be amased that the needle really reacts as Hubbard says. When an auditing process is reaching its end phenomena the needle will starte floating from side to side. When you see this you can expect that the PC is soon getting a cognition (cognition = a realization about life with a new understanding). And just as the book says, the PC will tell you that he just discoved why he always had problems with his father or some other thing.

As the technology of Auditing developed it became needed to put the various different processes in systematic order. There are auditing processes for practically every mental problem a person can have. A natural sequence of these processes was discovered and recorded on the Grade Chart also called The Bridge. There have been many versions and revisions. See the latest version from the Church here

Until you have had your personal experiences with this, it can be hard to understand why Scientologists are so entirely dedicated to Scientology. But once you have seen the beauty and smoothness of Hubbards Technology and felt the wins and gains available from it, you will fully understand it.

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