Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
Captain Bill Robertson and the RONs ORG network

Captain Bill Robertson (CBR) was a high ranking Sea Org Officer. He was given the rank of Captain by Ron. A title only he and Mary Sue Hubbard held. Ron allegedly also promoted him to Deputy Commodore (Ron was the Commodore, as you remember).

Captain Bill Robertson worked close to Ron and Mary Sue. He did not agree with the changes which happened in the early eighties. He started an investigation to find out who was behind the severe alter-is of the Tech, price increases, Finance Police ripping off Class IV orgs and Missions etc. He was soon after SP declared.

Some people say that CBR was half way mad. I have heard the same about LRH. But since I never met any of them I will leave it at that. One thing I know for sure is that the difference between madman and genius can sometimes be very little. Therefore I do not go much into their personalities, but judge only from whether or not their Tech actually works.

Captain Bill Robertson left the Church and started the alternative Scientology community, FreeZone, together with David Mayo. Their differences soon appeared too major to carry on working together and Captain Bill created the RONs ORG Network whilst Mayo continued his Advanced Ability Center.

Captain Bill set-up RONs ORG in a different way to protect against hostile takeover. The RONs ORG operates as a network of independent smaller groups rather than one hierachy. Though they have buildings and Org Boards, they are independent individuals only bound by a commitment to the Tech.

They are so dedicated to the standardness that they do not accept any HCOB or HCO PL from after 1981, as you cannot be sure that it was written by Ron.

After I first heard of RONs ORG I was keen to actually go visit one of these groups. So I did. When I arrived at RONs ORG Frankfurt I was in a strange frame of mind. On the one hand I was excited, on the other hand I was afraid. Afraid that they were just a bunch of sloppy Squirrels, like we have been tought in the Church. In that case I wanted nothing to do with it. But then what? Where to go then?

I was greeted by the Supervisor, Natsja, a kind young Russian woman. There was no long arbitrary Routing Form or Reg interviews. I came to do Excalibur and less than 20 minuttes after arriving I was in the confidential course room putting my name at the top of the Checksheet. I was surprised at the simplicity. The rest of the week was an amazing journey. I could get any reference I needed quickly and all the help I required. Standard Word Clearing, Clays Demo's, KSW series at beginning of the Checksheets was used.

I studied the OT III materials extensively in order to determine whether it is the same as in the Church or something else. What I found was that it is exactly the same as in the Church with one exception: IT HAD MORE LRH DATA. After studying it I understood OT III better than ever before. The Church version is minimized to a "need to know", which just enables you to audit the material and nothing more. I know several people who didn't really got wins on this level in the Church, perhaps because they didn't actually understood it. For me it was fantastic to study the full body of LRH data covering this level and I believe I would have had less trouble in my OT III auditing had I known all those data.

The lower Bridge (Grades, levels etc) is the same as in the Church, exept they don't use issues from after 1981. But the upper part of the Bridge, above OT III, is not the same as in the Church. RONs ORG do not use NOTs. You will know why if you read my chapter about the NED for OT's. Instead of NOTs they deliver Excalibur which is called OT VIII.

In between are OT IV - VII which are the original LRH OT levels which LRH completed in 1968. These are not anymore delivered in the Church, but they are preserved and used in RONs ORG. These are the levels that were delivered to Hall Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price at AOLA, while they did the Remote-viewing Program at Standford Research Institute in the early seventies. These levels could in some cases produce people with real OT abilities. But in RONs ORG they are only used before Excalibur if the case requires it. Excalibur deals with the area refered to as NOTs in the Church. This case is so well constructed that it can affect and control anyone without the person even noticing. The person will be completely convinced that he is running things, but he isn't, the NOTs case is. If you are OT III and not fully cause over all aspects of your life then something else is. That is the NOTs case. It is therefore hard to become or remain OT if you have got your NOTs case. The original OT IV - VII made OT's, but they didn't seem to remain OT. Therefore RONs ORG recommend that you do the original OT IV - VII after completing Excalibur. Once you are done with the NOTs case you stand much better chances of making it to real OT.

I have done OT V, audited NOTs in the Church (AOSH EU) and know those bulletins very well. Now I have also done the Excalibur Course at RONs ORG and know those materials very well too. This is the only way you can really compare. By doing both. That I have done, and my experience is without any doubt that Excalibur is the full technology to handle the NOTs case. It has much more material than NOTs and it reveal the actual structure of the case which is completely missing from NOTs.

Just studying the Excalibur was wild. It opened up my eyes to a degree I had not experienced since I did OT III in the Church. But it also explained phenomena from lower on the Grade Chart like Clear, OT I, OT II and OT III. It does put everything in perspective. I had many big wins on this. But it was also tough to study because it is the very material that firmly control your life in all the areas where you are not 100% winning.

The people at RONs ORG quickly became more than staff servicing a public, they became friends. This sometims can be difficult in the Church because you often feel a hidden agenda when you are approached by a Church staff. They will say hello, smile and ask how you are doing. But usually they want something from you. Either that you attend an event, buy a book or donate money for some project. This flow you simply can't find in RONs ORG. They approach you for the sake of interest in you and nothing else. You can be yourself, completely relaxed, and that for me was a relief.

Another definte advantage is that they use LRH policy when it comes to pricing:



By average is meant the average upper lower class or lower middle class pay scale."

"ONE WEEK'S PROCESS (25 HOURS) SHOULD COST AN AVERAGE MONTH'S PAY (AS IN TRAINING). But processing of a special nature at higher levels can be charged at higher rates."

In other words ordinary people can affort going up the Bridge too. And thinking about it, that does align beautifully with the stated purpose of Scientology: "Clearing the Planet!"

Web site for Ron's Org Frankfurt: http://www.rons-org.de/englisch/home_en.html

Another great news is that Caspar de Rijk, my NOTs Auditor and Solo C/S from the Church, started a RONs ORG in Holland. After less than half a year he already has more than 70 active publics. This is their web site: http://www.ronsorg.nl/

Here is the open letter to all Scientologists from Captain Bill. Really theta, red it!

Here is a debrief from Captain Bill about his career in the Church, about working closely together with Ron and Mary Sue, about attacks and attempted takeovers through the years. It is great stuff, enjoy!

Ron's Org network is also doing well in Russia.

This is a muster in one of the approximately 45 Russian Ron's Orgs.

To stay updated on Ron's Org developments keep an eye with www.ronsorg.com

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