Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
David Mayo, former Senior C/S International

The story about David Mayo is shocking to say the least. There are several different sources which tend to confirm his own story.

This is a summary:

He started his career in Scientology in 1959. He did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course at Saint Hill UK, directly under LRH. He joined staff and worked closely with LRH. When LRH had a stroke in 1978, while instructing Tech films at Golden Era Productions in California (La Quinta, near Palm Springs), David Mayo was ordered to audit Ron. Ron's physical condition was critical and his physician Gene Denk, did not dare put him on an ambulance, as he feared the trip would kill him. Auditor Jeff Walker was suggested to audit Hubbard, but he (Hubbard) said "No, send David Mayo". And so David Mayo was put on a flight immediatly. He managed to audit Hubbard to full recovery, and in the same time developed NOTs together with Ron. He was posted as Snr C/S International by Ron personally. As Mayo went off to LA to assume his post duties, Ron continued with solo NOTs and researched further into this area.

After the new Management took over
in 1981-82 David Mayo soon witnessed criminal activities and alterations of
the Tech. He also discovered and voiced against the implemented price increases. This was not popular and
he was sent on the RPF and later SP declared.

But before that, in 1981, he received a detailed letter from LRH assigning him the Tech hats for the next 20-25 years
as LRH was planning on leaving his body within a couple of years and return back in his next life.

Naturally the declare of David Mayo created enormous enturbulation in the field of Scientology as Mayo was well reputed and a stable Tech terminal for Scientologists around the world. An issue was written to "clarify" the situation called "The story of a Squirrel". But it could not calm down staffs and publics and a Mission was fired off to explain further. It's main message was that the reason why LRH did not discover that Mayo was an SP, was that LRH was such a big thetan, that all SP tendencies and case would vanish in his presence. Therefore it was not possible for LRH to discover that Mayo was really an SP. The out point that there is nowhere any HCOB or tape lecture where LRH states that a big thetan cannot spot an SP, was somehow not-is'ed. In actual fact, I know of no Tech where LRH mention this phenomenon at all. And if it was true, how could LRH then develop the extensive SP/PTS technology? How could he ever audit a PC if all case would vanish in his presence? No, it definitely does not make sence, it is Out Tech and clearly illustrates that the real reson for David Mayos declare remained well hidden.

That David Mayo wrote the majority of the NOTs bulletins is very likely to be true. I have personally checked through the more than 50 HCOBs in the "NOTs Series" all of them (except two) has mention of DM in the copyright notice at the buttom:


Copyright © 1978

By L. Ron Hubbard

Some of them even states: L. Ron Hubbard assisted by Snr C/S International.

I have studied some of the materials later issued by David Mayo (Advanced Ability Center) and his way of writing matches the way of the NOTs bulletins. He has a different style than LRH. He is more gentle and more carefull in his approach. LRH is much more crude and direct. I mentioned this observation to my Class IX auditor and he said that he had never been in doubt as to whether Mayo is the author of NOTs. Not necesarily the source, but certainly the author.

Read here David Mayos article on the development of NOTs and auditing LRH.

From AOSH EU, I know that their NOTs pack was stolen in 1983. Three People in full Sea Org uniform, showed up and claimed they were from RTC. They wanted to inspect the NOTs materials which were then given to them. They went into an office to "inspect" it. After lunch time, the org terminal (AO C/S) who handed over the NOTs pack, looked for the "RTC Inspectors" but did not find them. They were gone and so was the NOTs pack. Many has connected David Mayo to this theft, but was he? More about that here

It is interesting that the highest levels of OT delivered by the Church is in fact written by a person who was later declared suppressive.

It is also interesting that the Chairman of Mayo's Com-Ev was Ray Mithoff who would later take over Mayo's post as Snr C/S Int. John Eastmann was in between and maybe one more for a short notice.

And another thing which I find interesting is that also Mayo was accused of sexually perverted conduct. He was found not guilty as there was no evidence, but he was acussed of it, just like Bill Franks and Captain Bill Robertsson. Makes one think WHO was actually involved in sexually perverted conduct, the accused or the accuser??

On this lecture, David Mayo talks about honesty and case gains. It is definitely worthwhlie listening to:

Mayo Audio lecture (2Mb)

Here is David Mayo's affidavit: http://holysmoke.org/dm/dmayo005.htm

Mayo's story of how he has been persecuted by the Church long after his leaving the Church: http://holysmoke.org/dm/dmayo002.htm


David Mayo's open letter

Further valuable info on David Mayo from Michel Snoeck

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