Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
The False Purpose Rundown

The fact that the False Purpose Rundown (FPRD) can be a workable technology does not mean that it was developed by L. Ron Hubbard or even aligns with his basic principles. Heimdal has studied the FPRD Course and pointed out some very relevant technical details indicating that it is not LRH tech. You will find his analysis here:

As I am not a highly trained auditor my analysis is more based on my experiences with people getting the FPRD and their subsequent change of mind. I was HCO Area Secretary (chief of personnel, communication and ethics) at Church of Scientology Denmark when FPRD delivery really took off in 1985-86. I got it myself also (several times) and had good wins on it. Anyway, my observations with people getting it are as follows:

Cogniting that they themself had caused all the problems they had with the Church. The trouble was not because of a destructive management, suppressive targets and orders, but because of their own O/W's and evil intentions. In other words taking on the responsibility of all the overts of management and blaming it on his own O/W's. While it is always true that a person completely causes his own feelings and problems and happiness etc. it is not true that the destructive management came from his overts. This is a one-way viewpoint and has a tendency to prove the person wrong and make him controlable. He usually feel a relief after FPRD because he now starts to take responsibility, and because he got some O/W and evil intentions off, which is always good. And then goes on a kind of propitiation and want to do everything he can to make good again all his misdeeds. When you have made bad you should after realising it make it good again. There is nothing wrong in that, but it gives a very easy going for a management who wants to take advantage of individuals in such a state of mind. Keep in mind that the CoS had lost probably well over half of their staff and publics during their "clean-out"

In other words it was no coincidence that this R/D came out in 1984. It was needed to get some of the people who was disaffected, but not completely lost back into the Church. Many people had to some degree lost confidence in the new management and giving those people a R/D which made them "congnite" that all the trouble was solely caused by their own O/W's was very conveniant.

And it worked. Good people who discovers that they have done bad are fairly easy to manipulate unfortunately. Taking advantage og this is nothing less than treason, betrayal after trust.

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