Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004

A Freeloader is a Scientology staff who has left before contract expiry. In the ordinary Churches a contract is either 2½ or 5 years whereas in the Sea Organization a contract is for the "next billion years". That means that you cannot leave the Sea Org without automatically becoming a Freeloader. Well, being a Freeloader is not really a problem except for the bill that comes with it, and of course the loss of status within the Church.

In 1958 LRH had experienced a problem with people who joined staff only to obtain free Auditing and Training. This of course did not fly as the org would get nothing back for the training they invested in the person. Therefore he wrote a policy to fine a person leaving a technical post without good and sufficient reason. This is very interesting because today everybody gets a Freeloader bill if they leave before the contract expires, no matter if the leave an administrative or technical post. They will get the bill even if they had a "good and sufficient reason" for leaving and regardless of whether the training they received was Auditor training or merely study orders and post hatting. The policy also states that the fine is not applied if the person is dismissed. HASI POLICY LETTER 19 June 1958 FREELOADERS

The Freeloader bill is based on a complete track of all the studies and auditing actions the staff received while on staff. There is no differentiation between mandatory studies like study orders or post hatting and actual Technical Training. Also mandatory sec-check is charged for, even though it is not a Grade Chart action. The prices charged are standard prices. But the time for which the person has served the Org is NOT deducted from the bill. This seem unfair to most people. If a person working on a five years contract leaves after four years, he should of course not pay the full price, logic. As he has served 80% of his time he should only pay 20% of the bill. Well, at least if one looks at it with the viewpoint of fair exchange. In actual fact this WAS at one point the way a freeloader bill was calculated. I found a policy which gives an actual guide based on this principle. HCO PL 11 June 1981R VIOLATION OF STAFF COVENANT

This HCO PL was not written by LRH, but it was based on LRH principles on exchange.

Relevant LRH issues on the subject of Freeloaders compiled by Michel Snoeck. This is a MUST READ:


Here is a link to a person who went into battle about his freeloader bill.


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