Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
Golden Age of Tech "The blind leading the blind"

The famous words said by Church of Scientology's ultimate leader, David Miscavige. This was the opening of the doors for another source of technology in the Church.

Right or wrong, it was learning technology based on the works of L Ron Hubbard, and not made by L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard had already covered the learning technology on his Student Hat course, but this was found inadequate by Miscavige.

Scientologists from around the world applauded this new source - David Miscavige - as he introduced his own learning technology, the Golden Age of Tech.

While Golden Age of Tech obviously has some strength, it also has it's main emphasis on rote learning which is quite contrary to LRH. He made a strong point of conceptual understanding and used the term glib student about a student who learns by heart instead of really understanding the materials. Thus Golden Age of Tech does not really align with Hubbard thoughts about learning.

GAT was the turning point for many Scientologist. Miscavige kind of overstepped the line. Many bought it, mainly because they were already blinded from PTSness. Now the blind is leading the blind more than ever before. GAT is producing auditing robots which is conveniant because they don't complain, they don't ask questions and they accept punishment if they goof because it is a sin to goof. That's why the emeter course is extremely hard to pass for most people. Even the Snr C/S AOSH EU who had GAT RTC Pass on her metering later flunked. They don't know anymore what is an instant read and what is latent. The supervisor rewinds the video tape again and again to determine if it was latent, instant or prior and once he has made up his mind he turns the video into the C/S. The C/S then watches it several times to make up his mind and half the times his decision is different from the sup. The fact that the auditor in session with a PC does not have the option of stalling the PC while he rewinds a video tape to decide what read it was doesn't seem to matter.

Making metering into a science of micro seconds breaks the student as he cannot get it right. Most of them spend several month or even years on it. At some point they get a lucky punch where both sup and C/S agree it is fine and the student get his pass. By this time the student has been all the way down the tone scale and his self-esteem is basically broken so he is relieved to get the pass and also proud. The point that you are not auditing an emeter, but actually supposed to audit a PC using the meter as a help tool is completely ignored (talking about altered importances).

This is a standard brainwashing technique and it works. It is a variation of the one descriped by George Orwell, build on the very same principle. The same counts for the other GAT courses. Break down the person and build him up again and he will serve you forever.

Management claims to be 100% Standard to the word of LRH, but when requesting an LRH reference for the Golden Age of Tech learning method, the only one they can show is the following, which you will see does not at all cover the rote learning of Golden Age of Tech:


A lecture given by LRH on 5th September 1971

"... Now, you say, "Drills?" Well, yes. Actually, we are just packaging up a drills course which has a drill for every auditing action -- the wildest thing you ever saw in your life. It hasn't been piloted out to amount to anything yet, but it's been done by experts. And that goes right in the direction of your Cramming Section, regardless of whether you taught a drills course. ... So the second-the Cramming Officer can pick out from a whole pack of great big, long, thick pack of drills -- he can pick the drills that the fellow has been flunking in his auditing and make him drill those things ..."

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