Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
What happened to Church of Scientology top management in 1981-83 and why...

In 1981 a dramatic change in Church Management started. Most of the top people, trained and posted personally by LRH was removed by a force greater than anything they had ever imagined. The takeover was executed with such a power that none of the existing leaders was able to keep their positions and fight back. David Mayo, Snr C/S Int, was effectively removed even though he was the top ranking Tech Terminal on the planet. To make him untouchable, LRH had him incorporate his own legal entity "Office of the Senior C/S International". He was not supposed to be touched by anyone, but he was brushed aside with ease and SP declared. Mary Sue Hubbard, head of GO, the entity that controled all of Scientology, was infiltrated and she ended up in jail. Bill Franks, ED International, posted for life by LRH, was removed an SP declared.

One can agree to some of these declares or not. I suppose it depends on your own first hand experiences. The point is that the force behind this takeover was so enormous that nobody was able to resist it. It simply wiped out all of the existing Management and it's success was a reality within a year or so.

Following was a complete "clean out" within the rest of the organization. Here in Denmark it is referred to as the "Yell & Scream Period". Staff was send on the DPF (Deck Project Force: A program with harsh ethics, heavy invalidations in front of a group, gang sec-check, hard mest work etc.). Sea Org staff was send on RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force: Similar to DPF except it was even more severe, heavy mest work, death threats, undernourishment etc.). Those who remained on staff showed great power by keeping their position despite all the dramatization, but they were now under the new Management's control. Those who would not conform would either leave or be SP declared or both. This was a complete "clean out" to make sure that everybody remaining in the organization was completely under control. When the new Management was satisfied this was achieved they lightened up a litlle bit, loosened the grip. They of course saw the enormous loss of people and knew that the Church would empty completely if they didn't take a lighter approached. But they would never lose control.

Who was behind?

Well, this issue SO ED 2104 INT will tell you who was behind. It was David Miscavige, Ray Mithoff, Guillaume Lesevre and a few others. Red SO ED 2104 INT and you will see who was running the show. You will also see how Ray Mithoff intimidates the crowd of Mission Holders, by threatening that nobody will ever get their OT levels unless they conform to Management. Everyone present was given pencil and paper and told not to leave before they had written their O/W's. The style of the new Management was clear.

Preventing OT, why?

The original LRH OT levels IV - VII was removed and replaced by NOTs. NOTs was already released in 1978, but at that time it was not considered an OT level as such. It was more something like an OT repair. But it anyway replaced the original OT levels IV - VII, which had been delivered at the AO's since 1968. Therefore NOTs is called New OT V,
New OT VI and New OT VII. The original levels has since disappeared and Snr C/S Int, is not about to tell what happened to them. I did ask, but got no answer on the question.

See my letter to Snr C/S Int. See his reply to me.

Since the success of the well documentet remote-viewing program at Stanford Research Institute in the early seventies, it was assumed that the US government had a problem with Scientology. The Church of Scientology had a technology which could help people attain or improve OT abilities. The Stanford Research Institute project had proven that an OT could to some degree influence a magnetic field with his thought. Since the guiding system for a nuclear missile is controlled by a magnetic field, people who did OT levels would potentially be able to control an atomic missile. They were also able to perform remote-viewing which meant that they could spy on the CIA or the American Military!!

US government possibly feared that OT's produced by the Church of Scientology would be able expose them and take over control.

Therefore CIA decided that Scientology was a "National Security Risk". Allegedly a secret program was initiated to take over the Church and alter the technology so that OT's would not anymore be produced.

Ealier attempts had been made, LRH mention that several places:

HCO PL 30 Oct 1962 "SECURITY RISKS INFILTRATION" "As the organization rapidly expands, so will it be a growing temptation for antisurvival elements to gain entry and infiltrate, and attempts to plant will be made." - LRH

HCO PL 14 June 1965 "POLITICS, FREEDOM FROM" "The reason for this declaration is the consistent disaster visited upon her "allies" by the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, to seize Scientology in the United States rather than forbid or stop it and the role played by the United States in inspiring the Victorian State attacks in Australia. Scientology Technology is no longer offered to the United States government in any effort to assist her in political ends." - LRH

But until LRH finally withdrew completely from the Church, attempted takeovers were never really succesfull. Plenty of problems was caused by plants, but the final takeover only succeeded after LRH pulled out. And of course one of the first Tech changes was the removal of the original OT levels. The ones which could produce real OT phenomena. But the Tech changes had already started in 1978 by removing Standard Dianetics and replacing it with New Era Dianetics which was not anymore delivered at the beginning of the Grade Chart. One of the most succesfull actions of all times was the delivery of Dianetics. People wanted Dianetics, but with the introduction of New Era Dianetics one would not get Dianetics until after completing Grades O-IV. Yes, you could get "Book-One Auditing", but it was considered an intro service and not granted much importance, not even a part of the Grade Chart.

The current Managment clearly has no intention of producing OT's. I have had the two top people directly on my lines (Marty Rathburn and David Miscavige) and I assure you these leaders are professionals. They know exactly how to Name, Want and Get a product. If they really wanted to produce OT's then OT's would be produced. Instead they have now changed focus. The Volunteer Minister programme, Narconon, Criminon etc. Good projects no doubt, but it is a change of focus. LRH says that the Advanced levels are the most valuable services on this planet, but if you ask OSA they will tell you that OT is not anymore important. You should try asking them. That is what they will tell you, OT is not that important. And that attitude has been succesfully spread within the Church. What is really important now is to go out and get new people into the orgs and to participate in projects which gives good PR in society. Well, of course, if you consider the org a commercial business then it is of utmost importance to get new publics/customers and to create good PR in society, otherwise the business will not survive. Most of the old timers leave the Church or goes inactive and stop paying, so new income must be generated through new members.

The money game

Soon after the takeover the prices for services started to increase. Heavy focus was put on income. Fund raising, donations and increasing prices was the new order. This is still very much the case. Most Scientologists I know has quite some attention on money. It is typically an important factor when they evaluates their wins from auditing and training; How much they raised their income. And they have to be focused on income because the prices for upper levels are so high that they would never be able to pay for it with an ordinary income. I found that LRH actually wrote a very applicable policy on pricing:



By average is meant the average upper lower class or lower middle class pay scale."

"ONE WEEK'S PROCESS (25 HOURS) SHOULD COST AN AVERAGE MONTH'S PAY (AS IN TRAINING). But processing of a special nature at higher levels can be charged at higher rates." - LRH.

In other words ordinary people with an ordinary income should be able to affort going up the Bridge. And thinking about it, that does align beautifully with the stated purpose of "Clearing the Planet!"

This policy has been carefully forgotten. The money game is running full steam ahead in the Church of Scientology. If you cannot pay for expensive Auditing, there is no help to get in the Church. If you run out of hours in the midle of an unflat Rundown you will not be audited to EP (which is Standard Tech) until you have paid for a new 12½ intensive. I know this because I ran out of hours in the midle of an unflat OT V Rundown myself. They told me that this was very dangerous, but did not finish the process as I was out of hours. Obviously they find no grounds for entrusting their own publics a credit, publics who are supposed to be highly ethical individuals. They'd rather violate the Tech and leave the public in danger.

IAS (International Association of Scientologists) persuade Scientologists to give huge donations in return for a prestigious title: Sponsor, Honor Roll and Patron. You also get a little pin for your jacket and a certificate, totally worthless, but people go for the title, the position in the Scientology society. It is pure vanity, a well surveyed button, and it works.

WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprices) enforce that every Scientologists who is running a business should pay 10% of their turnover in royalties. This is enforced for companies and individuals who use LRH Management Technology. The fact that, according to the copyright laws, you cannot charge anybody for using what he reads in a book, is carefully ignored. They have invented WISE as a money making machine. You will find NOWHERE any mention of WISE from LRH. He did not invent it, the new Management did.

Make money, make more money!!!

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