Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
Mary Sue Hubbard, the late widow of L. Ron Hubbard

In autumn 2003 I had a couple of mettings with OSA EU (Chuch of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs) amongst other things I wanted to find out what happened to Mary Sue Hubbard, since we never heard anything of her. I was told by Anette Refstrup (leader of OSA EU) and Karna Jensen (assistant to Anette) that Mary Sue was doing just fine, happily auditing on OT VII, Solo NOTs. They also said that she protected her privacy and therefore we never saw her or heard of her.

When OSA told me that, it would appear that Mary Sue Hubbard had in fact been dead for almost a year. She passed away in L.A. on 25th november 2002.

This can easily be verified on http://ssdi.rootsweb.com/

Type like this:

There is currently a list of 8 persons. Look for the birth date 17th june 1931.

Link to death certificate http://www.marysuehubbard.com/deathcert.shtml

This link http://www.freezone.de/english/timetrack/1986.htm gives the story of how Mary Sue Hubbard was "handled" after the death of LRH.

Here is the extract about Mary Sue:

February 1986

The Estate of L. Ron Hubbard is subject to the control of the Trustee, Norman Starkey.

He is a junior of DM. DM and Starkey make an 800-page inventory list of all of LRH's copyrighted works, close to 20,000 individual works.

DM says the probate of LRH's estate was important to him. Fulfilling Hubbard 's final wishes meant seeing that Scientology Scripture passed to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

Miscavige had Mary Sue Hubbard under "house arrest" in Hollywood Hills in LA. She had two Sea Org members living with her and they went with her everywhere and reported daily to Miscavige what she did every day.

Under duress, MSH made an agreement to waive her rights to her community share of the Estate of LRH. This is how Miscavige swindled Hubbard's heirs out of an inheritance worth 400 million. Soon after LRH's death, Miscavige takes Jesse Prince and over a dozen other Sea Org execs and invaded the house of Mary Sue Hubbard. She was recovering from lung cancer surgery and was in a wheelchair. Some of the other Sea Org members were Lyman Spurlock, Norman Starkey, Vicki Aznaran, Marc Yaeger, Ray Mithoff and Marty Rathbun.

Larry Heller was one of the attorneys there representing Miscavige. MSH was unrepresented.

Note: (He is one of the secret "Special Directors" of Church of Spiritual Technology.)

Mary Sue was made to sign an agreement wherein she was paid $100,000 to relinquish any kind of claim on the copyrights, trademarks, and bank accounts. Ron's children were given $50,000 each. She did not want to sign and Miscavige started screaming at her "You are going to sign it!"

Miscavige threatened to sec check Mary Sue and she said "No, I'm going to sec check you to find out what the hell you are trying to do to me."

Miscavige said they were running the church, its got nothing to do with her and she was lucky to get what she's getting. Miscavige said "Everything LRH did, he did for the church. We are the church, not you. Therefore, everything is staying right here with us."

The moment when she relinquished and signed the document, was when Mithoff made her feel that LRH did not care about her. She was sad that Ron died, because they had been separated and had not talked for a long time. She asked Mithoff, with tears in her eyes, if Ron had said anything, or asked about her before he passed. Mithoff said, "No, he didn't mention your name." At that, she bowed her head and they stuck the papers underneath her hand and she started signing. Mithoff bragged with great glee afterwards about how he got to her by telling her that.

Ron's children had already been similarly handled prior to meeting with Mary Sue, and they had already signed, getting $50,000 each."


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