Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
Meeting Caspar de Rijk, OT V, Class IX auditor and C/S

Caspar was my NOTs auditor. He gave me 11-12 intensives on
OT V (NOTs) and various set-up's, FPRD and sec checks. He was also my C/S when I did OT I - III in 1988. He is a person I value highly and we always had high ARC and mutual respect, in and out of session. In the Church (AOSH EU) he was one of the highest trained tech terminals. Caspar was a fantastic auditor and when
I found out that he had left the Sea Org in 1997 I got curious, to say the least. I had observed quite a lot of out points in the Sea Org my self, but wanted to get in com with him to find out what was his situation. With the help of my brother-in-law, Caspar got located
and a meeting was set up in his house in Holland.

On friday morning 25th july 2003, we paid the taxi driver and walked towards Caspars house. It was a sunny morning and I was very excited about seeing him again. I hadn't seen him since the last session I had on NOTs in 1996, that was 7 years ago. I remembered the first session I ever got on NOTs, the introductory session. As I EP'ed the process with a floating TA, I looked up and saw Caspar smiling behind the meter. There was a bright shining glow around his head. It was a moment I will never forget. We knocked on the wooden door and one of Caspar's brothers opened up. On the first floor we met Caspar in his office. He looked good, happy and strong. It was great to see he was in good shape. Sometimes I have seen ex-Sea Org members not doing well at all. This was definitely not the case with Caspar. ARC was there instantly.

Caspar's story

When the Golden Age of Tech was invented and implemented by David Miscavige, it was Int Management's intention to get all auditors on the planet trained with it's new routines and standards. This was also the case with the NOTs HGC at AOSH EU where Caspar was auditing. But something was not right. The Golden Age of Tech (in the following refered to as GAT) was giving problems. The existing auditor crew at the NOTs HGC were ordered to do GAT certainty courses in their study time, 2½ hours per day and at one point even 5 hrs p.day, but were progressing slowly. This could be due to the extensive alter-is of standard tech that GAT introduced. All the existing auditors were trained the old way, and might have had disagreements with the "new tech" they had to conform with. One thing was for sure: They could not meet the target they were given for completing their GAT training as GAT training proved to be slow and problematic. They were under extreme time pressure, but were still expected to be upstat on hours in the chair. This despite the fact that sessions were now video taped and checked between sessions. If the auditor handled something in session not complying with the new standards of GAT he would be crammed, even though he had not yet studied the materials. He was, in other words, expected to know and apply material he had not yet studied. And if he did not, he would be send to cramming in post hours. He would have to wait between sessions for his video to be checked, then recieve and do a cramming and then come back and audit the next Pre-OT.

Of course the stats were down. But Caspar realised that this was intentionally. They were supposed to be downstat because Int Management wanted to get rid of them as soon as the new crew came back from their GAT training at Flag. And so it happened. As soon as the new NOTs auditor crew came back from Flag the existing crew was com-ev'ed, all of them. Well, they had not met their target of completing GAT and they were downstat = Com Ev. When the Findings & Recommendations came out Caspar did not agree. He knew the entire scene was a set-up and could not accept it. He was then ordered on RPF (Rehabilitation Project Fource). After more than 25 years of loyal service to the Sea Org he was all of a sudden treated as a prisoner. He was ordered to clean toilets and all kinds of mest work and to do endless O/W write-up's. He was also locked up in a room at one of the Sea Org buildings in Copenhagen. At some point he was locked up in this room together with a 13 year old boy (the son of Eva and Jim Boyd). When he was not locked up he had his own guard following him all over, where ever he went. Finally new orders came and Caspar was transferred to Flag.

He continued the RPF there. The Sea Org staff on the RPF at Flag received FPRD and leaving sec-check, but Caspar discovered that it was given with another purpose than cleaning up the case. People were given FPRD and sec-check until they changed their mind about leaving staff, no matter how many intensives it would require. This could also explain why so many Sea Org members leaving staff fail to complete their routing form. Nevertheless, Caspar did the SP/PTS course and told his success story at graduation. The next day he disconnected from the Sea Org.

He left Flag and went back to Holland to attend some family matters. The leaving routing form was not yet completed, but he managed to complete it in AOSH EU in beginning of 1998. The nightmare of the RPF was over, he was out of the Sea Org, yet not entirely free of it as he was left with a Freeloader bill of $120.000. This in spite of the fact that Caspar had served the Sea Org for over 25 years, typically more than 60-70 hours per week. Demanding him to pay was of course nothing but criminal exhange on the part of the Sea Org (ref: HCO PL 10 Sep 1982 "EXCHANGE, ORG INCOME AND STAFF PAY" which talks about the four conditions of exchange). But after returning to live in Holland he still had the intention to pay the Freeloader Bill. Through investments he came close to having and paying the amount, but then he discovered that, in fact, he was not a Freeloader. HCO PL of 2. August 1971 "STUDY TIME" says A staff member is entitled to 2½ hours study or auditing time per day. Executives are responsible for so scheduling work that this time becomes available to their staff, but must be additional to eight hours of post work. This is the exchange factor between the org and it's individual staff members. Here is an interesting comment on the subject from ex-Sea Org staff member Ken Long: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/mystory/kenlong8.txt More info on Freeloaders here

On this basis Caspar considered himself finally free of the Sea Org. Yet, his 2 daughters and his ex-wife were still in there. One of his daughters had returned to EU after more than 3 years of Flag training WITHOUT certificates. She apparently miscalled an FN and could not comply with the GAT training and was send home as a no-product. Yet she remained in the Sea Org.

While Caspar was talking I couldn't help noticing the lightness of his speech. He did not seem angry or bitter towards the Sea Org, merely just stating the facts and events as they had happened. The magnitude of the out points he had experienced far exceeded my worst fears and tended to confirm many of the testimonies and stories of others I had already read on the internet. Yet he was not enturbulated about it. He seemed cool and in confront which impressed me.

Mind control

Caspar told that he had attended a seminar at his old university. This was where he studied psychology before joining Scientology. Evidence was presented that it was now possible to electronically produce the wave lenght of a thought. This is a super high frequency and it has not earlier been possible to produce it with sufficient amplitude (power). Yet, with the level of current technology a method had emerged. It is called a tepaphone. It can produce the frequency of a thought and it can be directed at a person making him act or think in a certain way.

For more information on mind control, se this booklet

As Caspar studied into mind control he encountered an area of paramount importance: Psychic Warfare. This is something the Russians had been developing for a number of decades. The Americans had been somewhat behind in this aspect, but eventually caught up. Psychic Warfare has two main branches: 1) Psychic spying and, 2) Psychic influencing. Psycic spying is also called remote viewing or in Scientology terms exteriorization, and psycic influencing is called mind control. This is a matter of injecting a thought into another person without the person knowing that it happens. He will believe that it is his own thought and be liable to carry it out. Psycic influencing, or mind control can be done by a tepaphone (electronically) or by a trained and skilled spiritual being (an OT in Scientology terms). This was to me scarry even though I had already encountered the phenomenon, yet without realizing how advanced technology was in this field. Psycic Warfare is one of the aspects that the Church of Scientology Solo NOTs auditor is not aware of. It would appear that someone wanting to prevent OT's being made can influence a Solo NOTs session. I will later on return to who that could be, but for now it is enough to know that the Solo NOTs Auditor does now and then encounter a situation which he cannot handle. Someone, not his case, appears in session and start reading on the meter. The Solo NOTs Auditor being completely uneducated about this, mistakes it for his case and start running NOTs on it. Of course this doesn't fly. That someone appearing in session can also take over session and start messing up the Solo Auditors case without the Solo Auditor knowing what is happening or what to do. This is one of the reasons why NOTs will not handle and resolve the composite case, also called the other determined case, or simply the NOTs case. There are other reasons than Psycic warfare, as or more important, but these are technical and confidential.

Caspars viewpoint on mind control was clear "We have been expecting the third world war to be a nuclear war. I believe it has already started. It does not use Nuclear weapons, it uses mind control". He mentioned something that shocked me even more: The Scientology Super Power R/D's were developed by LRH up untill 1978 where he ordered them released for immediate delivery. This did not happen. They still are not released. Int Management wanted to build a building first!?!? This is quite an out point if you consider it. LRH always said that you do not need to HAVE something before you can DO something. He would never delay an important auditing R/D awaiting a building to be build. Yet, this is exactly what is happening, the Super Power R/Ds are waiting for a building to be build. Now, this is an obvious out point, no doubt about it, but why? Why do they NEED a new building? On Flag briefings it has been told that the new building has a special feature the "Theta Perception Room" for use on one of the Super Power R/Ds. In that room there an electrical chair has been installed where the PC sits when he receive the auditing. The chair has been developed in cooperation with NASA. The room also has huge screens which flashes pictures at the PC at fast rate. Also moving screens which moves towards and away from the PC while flashing pictures. This is something Flag has been briefing the public on. Caspars idea was that they were possibly building an implant station. And that would in fact explain why a new building was mandatory for the Super Power to be released. With a mind control device build into the chair, wiring hidden in the walls etc. This is something you can't easily install into an existing building, particularily not if you don't want everybody to know about it. See more info on Super Power here

In his research he established an extensive network and he came across very well documented internet sites proving that Int Management had been infiltrated by people who did not want OT's made. Who would run the show as if they were trying to Clear the planet and so on, but in fact intended the opposite. I had come across the same documentation as mentioned elsewhere on this site. He found out that the Church did not own the LRH copyrights. Even RTC did not own them, they only own the Trade and Service Marks. The LRH copyrights, including all the advanced materials (OT levels) was owned by a trust called CST (Church of Spiritual Technology). They own the LRH copyrights and entirely control all Scientology Management. They license the rights to use the Tech to RTC. RTC lincense the rights to use the Tech to the Churches of Scientology. For documentation see this link http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/ As the Church is only delivering on a license, they have to obey orders from RTC whether they are on-policy or not. RTC can at any time pull their licence and that would be the end of that. The same counts for RTC. They have a license from CST and of course have to meet CST's requirements in order to keep their license. This is how CST firmly control Scientology.

Ron's Org

Caspar met a group of people who were not connected with the Church, but who delivered LRH standard tech training and auditing up to Class VIII and OT 48. This group is called Ron's Org. It was established in the early eighties by Captain Bill Robertson who was one of the highest ranking Sea Org officers directly under LRH. He was given the title of Captain by Ron. This title was only given to Mary Sue Hubbard and Captain Bill Robertson. When Ron withdrew from Church lines in 1981 and the new management took over Captain Bill observed tech alter-ises, off policy actions, suppression, price increases, gang sec-checking, financial rip-off of missions and Class IV orgs etc. etc. Things went out of control, stats crashed world wide. Ron's personal auditor and co-developer of NOTs, David Mayo who was the Snr C/S Int, posted personally by Ron, was SP declared. If you were on staff or even public at a mission or org in 1981-82, chances are that you will remember this period of wild dramatizations, intimidations, DPF, screaming and shouting etc. Well, what major change took place just before that? Ron withdrew and a new management took over control of the Church. That's what happened. And that is the same top Management in charge today. It is the very same top figures still there. Captain Bill started an investigation to find out who was behind this and, no surprise, he was declared too. In order to still keep Ron's standard tech available and pure, he established the Ron's Org in Frankfurt. Today there are many Ron's Orgs and they are delivering standard tech as LRH intended it. They do not accept any issue from after 1981, because you cannot be sure it is written or approved by Ron. See Captain Bill Robertson's open letter here

Caspar found this group interesting and decided to find out more about them. Their viewpoints sounded sane and very much Standard Tech, he said. Remember that Caspar was one of the highest trained tech terminals in EU when he was staff at AOSH EU. He was a real Class IX - who had done the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (I think he actually did it twice) and he was one of the few who could audit Grade 5, Power. Casper was trained the old way, LRH's way, and NOT under GAT robotically memorising all commands, processes etc. He went to see the Snr C/S at Ron's Org Frankfurt and spend a couple of hours by his side. He also wanted to check up his metering as he had some uncertainties (probably from doing the new GAT metering course with arbitrary definitions of instant read and false definition of a floating needle). He then studied the good old LRH references on the specific area he had questions about and then did the meter drills on instant read and F/N. After just 20 minutes he was completely flying and had absolutely no problems or uncertainties about his metering anymore. He could spot an instant read and an F/N no problem at all. Simplicity. Quite contrary to GAT. If you know of anyone doing the GAT metering course you are likely to find that they are on it for extensive amounts of time and that they are in continous discussions about if a read was instant, prior or latent. The C/S often has to watch the video several times to decide what it was. If you have done the course yourself you might have wondered why the new tech film show a prior read as being an instant read. The subject has become complex and arbitrary. The Supervisor and C/S are allowed to watch the video several times because they are not able to decide with certainty the first time they see the read. This you cannot do in session. Casper told me that even the Snr C/S AOSH EU at one point was not able to decide if it was an instant read or not. She has an RTC pass of her own metering, yet videos she has passed flunk at RTC. The subject has become complex. The tech has been alter-ised. You will find documentation in Caspars recent tech eval here

Finally Caspar told us about OSA being on his lines. They had tried to recover him, but of course without success. OSA was not able to prove that the documentation about LRH copyrights being owned by CST was false. In fact, they could not prove any of the above statements about infiltrated top management to be wrong. They even gave Caspar an offer to "handle your Freeloader debt" if he would come back on lines, but of course without result. Caspar knew that it was only a matter of time before he would be SP declared, but having 2 daughters in the Sea Org, it is not nice for a father to be declared. I am aware that Mr. Mark Rinder OSA Int once stated in a prime time television program in the US, that Scientology does not split families and does not SP declare people anymore. But this is just another example of high ranking Sea Org officers outright lying. They probably think they are greatly skilled at PR, but don't be fooled, there is a line where PR becomes direct lies and then it is not PR anymore, then it is lies. So at present Caspar is awaiting his SP Declare if it is not already issued.

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