Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
First hand experience with top management

As a Scientologist I have often been confronted with entheta (negative talk) about the Church. Stories from the press that somebody had been locked up in a small room for days, that the Church lost big court cases and so on. You all know what I am talking about. People challenge you because they know you are a Scientologist. That's alright, challenge is a good thing. But because of all the wins I got from my Auditing and Training, I have always been more interested in trying to explain these stories as lies from our enemies, than in actually finding out the truth for myself. It gets almost into a sport to find ways to justify rather than confronting what it being said. No doubt the entheta stories are sometimes lies, or situations blown out of proportion, but there is no way they all categorize as such. There is simply too much material, too many people from around the world testifying to similar experiences.

Until November 1996 I was still utterly rejecting all the terrible stories one hear, but then something happened which dramatically opened my eyes.

While reading on, you might think "Why does this Robert Dam completely forget to also look at the plus points!" Well, since I started in 1984, I have been focussing heavily on the plus points and intensely neglecting the negatives. There are many plus points, no doubt about that, otherwise I would have left the Church many years ago. But it all boils down to one thing: L Ron Hubbard's Standard Tech. The Tech really works. Far too many great successes to be all lies and manipulations. Great personal successes are achieved through auditing and training throughout the world.

Yes, I have been looking at plus points in all my existence as a Scientologist, now it is time to face the out points, they have been piling up and been neglected for too long. It is tough, yes, I have personally gone through hell, but somebody once said that it is a tough universe and only the tigers will make it. Even they have a hard time. So, I decided to take a new look at things, research the scene behind the Church of Scientology being open to any conclusion. And I found testimonies and situations about Top Management so well documented, and from so many different sources that it simply could not be pushed aside as lies and Black Propaganda.

Okay, one step back, we are in the late eighties and I was working in the graphic business. We did printing jobs for different customers amongst others three of the Scientology Sea Organinzations:

  • New Era Publications. A Church owned publishing house, publishing Hubbards books, lectures and study materials. It is located in central Copenhagen.
  • AOSH EU. Advanced Organizatin Saint Hill. The main service organization in Europe located in central Copenhagen.
  • CMU EU. Central Marketing Unit, not anymore existing.

In 1992 the Scientologists owned printing company I worked in was closed and I continued to work for AOSH EU as an agent, printing their two main magazines "The Auditor" and "Advance". To do this I opened a company called United Print & Mail.

I had found a very viable way of printing and mailing their magazines and saved the organization literally millions.

In November 1996 a situation occurred with AOSH EU. Their GI (Gross Income) had been down for more than one month, I think it was close to two month. International Management looked into the situation and the first thing they suspected was that the organization had not send out their magazines as scheduled. The magazines are known to influence the income, and when income is down management usually look at the outflow (outflow = sending out of magazines and promotional letters).

This situation was no exception. Management was informed that I was printing and mailing the magazines for AOSH EU. They got suspicious about this and thought that I had in fact not printed nor mailed out the number of magazines I was supposed to. They thought that I had printed a few hundred copies, made sure that all the AOSH executives got a sample, and then just pocketed the rest of the money. Well, that would have been fraud and no such thing ever occured. Also I did not know that there were names of selected AOSH executives included on the mailing list. Even if I had known, it would have been practically impossible to locate those names on a paperlist of about 70.000 names. Highly unlikely I would have found those names. And besides, I did not know the names of all the executives.

Never the less, I was ordered to provide all my book keepings which I refused. I did not believe that any client could order a supplier to show his books. An annual report is a diffent matter as that is anyway public, but books are internal papers which only the tax office can demand. The Management organization CLO EU (Continental Liaison Office Europe) was running the investigation. CLO EU is the ruling authority of all Scientology Churches in Europe. Three of their staff came to my house to make me submit my books. In the end I gave in and delivered what they wanted. They studied it and I was called to a meeting taking place in New Era Publications. This was in beginning of December 1996. They had discovered a few unpaid bills and wanted to discuss various things. However, they could not come up with any evidence that I had committed fraud as that had never happened.

Failing to find evidence in my books they changed tactics and for two weeks of heavy interrogations they tried to make me break down and confess. But I could not cenfess to something I hadn't done. The Commanding Officer CMO EU threatened me with an SP Declare, but if I pleaded guilty I would be SP declared anyway.

I was ordered to go to Flag (mother Church in Florida) to see the RTC General Inspector, Marty Rathbun sometimes called Mark Rathbun (it's the same person). He is the second top officer in RTC and Scientology only outranked by David Miscavige. I must have been considered serious trouble, since he would be bothered to deal with me directly.

2nd January 1997 I sat on a plane to Tampa, Florida. Arriving at Flag I first meet with John Stompke, IG MAA, RTC and later I met with Marty Rathbun. I don't remember which sequence, but they both sec-checked me trying to get me to confess the same crimes I hadn't done, which I refused. Rathbun got upset with me and said that my future as a spiritual being was at stake and that I'd better come straight. I was in a state of confusion as I did not know what to do. I would never ever admit to crimes I hadn't done, yet I was under the clear impression that if I didn't, I would not be allowed back on the Bridge (couldn't continue my progress).

Before going to Flag I had written a very detailed Knowledge Report on the whole scene . I had been very careful not to write in an emotional way, but to state only the facts on what actually had happened. It was quite detailed with dates, names etc. (unfortunately I lost the report when my old computer crashed down, otherwise it would have been attached here). I asked Marty Rathbun if he had red my Knowledge Report and he answered "Yes, I red your report and it is just natter". This hit me hard, as the report was specific and detailed and exposed huge out points and off-policy on behalf of the involved staff members. It did not have any snide remarks, HE&R or natter.

Next day I was on the meter with John Stombke. His apprentice sat next to him also watching the e-meter. They interrogated me for almost 3 weeks during which time auditor, Mick McFarlane, also sec-checked me quite extensively, and one more, a Class IV intern whos name I forgot. I had to come up with some kind of confession otherwise I feared that I would never be allowed to leave FLAG. Offering money returned for less than perfect quality printing was the solution that managed to put an end to it and I returned to Denmark some 180.000 indebted, but only after having agreed that I had my self caused the hell I had been put through.

The following facts were not considered when establishing the amounts to be refunded:

  • AOSH EU had saved literately millions on dealing with me.
  • AOSH EU always received, and accepted an exact price quotation from me before every single print job, and I never failed to deliver the products described in the quotations at the given price. Straight and fair business.
  • Printing in Africa on completely substandard and old machines made it more or less impossible to turn out perfect printing. Yet, the quality I managed to produce was definitely acceptable to European standards and far exceeded anything the local printers had ever before produced. Actually, one time the local printing company printed 4000 extra copies of Advance because they wanted to mail it out to their entire customer base, to show the fantastic printing quality they could produce.
  • The AOSH EU executives was very satisfied with me as a supplier and I received several Commendations for my work for the org.

I left Flag with an ethics program from John Stombke. Se it here

I also had to sign an affidavit which OSA (Office of Special Affairs) drew up with details on the printing jobs that had come up in sec-check and the amount of money I had accepted to refund to the org. When I read it now, I have a hard time figuring out why I would ever sign such a statement. It is heavily exaggerated and worded in a way that makes me look like a crook. But I was frightened of being SP declared, loosing my family and never again getting access to further OT levels. I wanted the nightmare to come to an end and to get home to my family.You can see the affidavit here

Signing this affidavit was a breach of my integrity. I accepted a lie in order to obtain freedom (further OT levels). I am sure you see how this doesn't fly. Freedom is truth. It is as simple as that. Since that time I have not been moving on the Bridge. I have nobody but myself to blame. I gave in and signed. No matter how much pressure, I should have kept my position and refused, but I didn't, couldn't face the consequences.

This web page is my attempt of restoring my integrity by making the thuth known.

The result of publishing this web page is an SP Declare Robert Dam SP Declare

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