Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
New OT V, NOT's (NED for OT's)

In summer 1978 Ron had a collapse during the shootings of Tech Films in the desert heat - Golden Era Productions in California (La Quinta, near Palm Springs)

LRH was in a very serious condition and his physician Gene Denk, did not even dare put him on an ambulance, as he feared the trip would kill him. Auditor Jeff Walker was suggested to audit Hubbard, but he (Hubbard) said "No, send David Mayo". And so David Mayo was put on a flight immediatly. He managed to audit Hubbard to full recovery, and in the same time developed NOTs together with Ron.

Mayo found mistakes in Hubbards past Dianetics auditing (untill this time Dianetics was still audited on OT III's) and started repairing. Soon a new auditing proccess evolved. It was a simple, but powerfull technique which, in itself, had not much to do with Dianetics. But it evolved from sorting out Dianetics errors on an OT case (Hubbards). Thus the name New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTs). As mentioned Hubbard recovered, and he promoted David Mayo to Snr C/S International. Hubbard himself continued with auditing and researching NOTs by himself. Thus evolved Solo NOTs.

David Mayo claim to have written the majority of the NOTs bulletins which is very likely to be true. I have personally checked through the more than 50 HCOBs in the "NOTs Series" all of them (except two) has mention of DM in the copyright notice at the buttom:


Copyright © 1978

By L. Ron Hubbard

Some of them even states: L. Ron Hubbard assisted by Snr C/S International.

When I read the NOTs bulletins I get the feeling that Ron is behind, at least partly, but it also seems likely to me that somebody else wrote them, or at least a great part of them.

But there seem to be a "black out" on the time track from there on. NOTs didn't really evolve further and something is obviously missing. Ron mentions a specific phenomena in HCOB NOTs Series 26R, and it is never further explained. I remember my NOTs auditor in the Church once mentioned this to me. It is a certain term which Hubbard never ever used before or after.

Captain Bill Robertson was a Class VIII auditor. He was also on Solo NOTs. After he established the Ron's Org, he went into the missing part of NOTs and discovered that this phenomena mentioned by Ron was KEY to the entire level. He also found that earlier lectures from LRH was suposed to be included in NOTs, but wasn't.

I will not give confidential data so let me explain with an analogy to Dianetics: Imagine you run engrams on Dianetics without any knowledge of chains and basic basic. You even run it without any tools for locating the charge. You just "look around" to see if an engram pops up. As soon as you find one, you run it and that is that. You don't go earlier similar in order to find and erase the basic on the chain. You only run the one engram which pop'ed up and then leave the rest of the charge untouched.

Case gains are definitely produced on NOTs, but the Pre-OT has to be very carefull not to stir up more and more restimulation. The entire structure of the case - the way it is organized - is missing from the NOTs materials. In my view this is one of the main reasons why NOTs can even be a dangerous level to audit. Many people I know got into health problems during NOTs, two of them died from cancer which developed while on this level. One of the three most recent OT VIII's in Denmark was recently (spring 2004) operated for cancer. In April 2004 another NOTs PC died from cancer in Clearwater. He had been on NOTs for 3½ years when he got leukemia. 1½ years later he died. The very first Solo NOTs completion, Betty Filisky, died from cancer only two years after completing Solo NOTs. This was in 1988. She was only 57 years old. One of the top Class XII auditors, Pierre Ethier, was send to audit her at her home. She could not come to Flag as she was obviously sick and considered bad PR. By Pierre Ethier's own statement he managed to help her recover, but after a few month the cancer came back. Betty Filisky was seriously troubled with Church Management.

Captain Bill released his version of NOTs under the name Super NOTs. Later he changed it's name to Excalibur. On this level the basic structure of the case is revealed. You still use the NOTs technique, but you carefully follow the structure untill you get to the buttom of the charge. It is quite logical really. You audit untill that charge is completely gone :o). I spoke to a person from Switzerland who was Auditing on Solo NOTs in the mid eighties and got more and more sick from it. After 1½ year she decided to change over to Excalibur instead. She rapidly got better and recovered completely after a few weeks of daily auditing.

Read a non-confidential Excalibur briefing by Church OT VII, Claus Heimann. English Danish

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