Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
Management attempt to block the computers of Scientologists through the "Net Nanny" software

In the early nineties the internet came along. With that the possibility for ordinary people to speak up and be heard. Communication across borders and boundaries was established with enormous speed. When communication can exist, suppression becomes difficult.

Remember the Iron Curtain? That could not survive the internet. What a huge step for mankind and freedom.

But not everybody was equally enthusiastic about this technological development in the direction of more communication and freedom.

It was soon clear that the internet threatened to expose the truth about suppressive and totalitarian organizations and regimes.

The organizations who opposed the internet therefore more or less gave themselves away.

Church of Scientology Management strongly opposes the internet. In fact it has introduced the idea that it is unethical to read about Scientology on the internet and their members are expected not to do so.

This is a big out point considering the "The Creed of the Church of Scientology" which clearly states that any and every individual is entitled to freely communicate.

They will tell you that they mean to protect you against lies and slander. They will tell you that the internet is an unreliable source. But don't fall for that. It is a generality, and it is false. The internet is not one source, it is millions of sources. Each and every person who publish on the internet is a source. The internet is just a forum where all these sources can be easily found. Claiming that the internet is one source is as stupid as saying that the public library is just one source. It is a place to find sources. I can agree that the internet has plenty of unreliable sites, but that doesn't mean that there are not plenty of reliable sites too. The one doesn't rule out the other. As always in life, it requires your good judgement and ability to spot a lie and to spot a truth.

But the Church Managment even went so far as to block internet access to various web pages by a secret computer program that came along with software bundles given by the Church to public and staff. The file name is: stcpcfgx.exe and d32l.dll (Net Nanny program). The argument which should get Scientologist to install this program was that a huge amount of positive web pages were needed as a counter effort to all the negative to be found on the net. By installing the Net Nanny program, Scientologist would be helped to create such a web site. But the fact is that the Net Nanny program has in it a secret function of blocking people from visiting a long list of web pages which Management finds compromising.

This is a fact. Please visit these links for full evidence:




RTC offered $12.000.000 to FACTnet as a settlement. FACTnet are exposing RTC on the internet. See the deatils here: http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/settlement.htm?FACTNet

Another report about Church of Scientology opposing the internet:


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