Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
International stats are down, not up as you are being told...

Through OSA DK I have been trying to get to see the OIC cable at CLO EU, but without success. The OIC cable is the Org Information Center, and it is basically all the statistics of the org. CLO EU is the governing organization of Europe and their OIC cable will tell the real story of how the Church is actually doing.

But they do not want to show it!!!

One could find this quite strange as the statistics are supposed to be out of the roof. At least if you believe what you are being told at the events. So why not show the OIC cable???

Fortunateley there are other sources.

A study of the book "What is Scientology" published 1998 reveals that there are 144 Class IV orgs and 229 Missions world wide. This is if you count the number of orgs and mission in the complete address list at the end of the book. The same book claims that there are 8 million Scientologist. That gives a average of 21.447 publics per org/mission.... do you know any org or mission of that size? I surely don´t. The number is clearly fake. Per my observations through 19 years in Scientology the correct number is more likely to be 5% of the 8 million which is 400.000 Scientologists world wide. That would give 1073 publics per org/mission. Even that is probably still on the high side.

But I have inside information. Read my letter to ED Int, which explains in detail. He never answered by the way.

The conclusion is that Church of Scientology has not expanded since the new Managment took over in the early eighties. Just go and visit your local org and see for yourself. Ask them about their staff pay, about the number of active FSM's etc. Chances are that you will find that the org has not expanded at all. Of course there are a few exceptions, but the majority of the orgs and missions have in fact shrunk.

Church Management is downstat. Long term Emergency = Danger.

Voicing this view to OSA DK, didn't make them show me the OIC cable. One should think that would be the easiest way of proving me wrong (provided of course I was wrong). Instead they said that it was not important and that a graph doesn't give a reason therefore it's useless. In other words, they would rather explain me reasons than actually look at the stats and determining the trends. They were completely unwilling to let me apply "Look Don't Listen".

Pumping a stat

Okay, you don't understand all the fantastic graphs you have seen at events?

Well, there is a completely logical explanation to that. For many years I was working closely with New Era Publications. We were printing books and course materials for them. Every time a major event was coming up, they had to produce newly translated books and course materials to be released at the event. The amount of work and the time frame was always completely unaligned. In other words the deadline was close to impossible. But usually we managed anyway. All-hands orders was issued to the staff and everybody worked around the clock. As a supplier we also worked around the clock and we had our subcontractors doing the same. I dare not try figure out what enormous amounts of over time money was spend on these wild cycles, but we always got the product minutes before the event started. But what product? Well, usually full of mistakes because the typesetters at New Era had not been sleeping for days and days, the translators the same. But that you cannot see at the event.

This same principle is being used to pump any stat. And it works. That particular stat goes up temporarily. But at what price? Enormous sums spend on producing under extreme time pressure, over time payment for subcontractors, special trucks being send from Finland with paper supplies, reprints because of mistakes and so on. Extra costs which could have been avoided. What about all the other stats which crashed because everybody worked only on that one to be shown at the event? Or how did the stat look two month after the event? It usually goes down to it's normal level again.

But all that you don't see at the event. So don't get offended when I tell you that you are being manipulated. Short term stats are not interesting, they tell you nothing of importance. Long term stats tells the real story, BUT THOSE THEY WILL NOT LET YOU SEE!!!

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