Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
The Super Power Rundowns

On Friday 29. August 2003, 22:00 o clock, I attended a briefing about the Super Power Rundowns at AOSH EU. A briefing held by old timer Scientologist and Sea Org member Allan Juvonen.

It was a shoking experience to say the least.

If you are a fairly logical thinking individual you are likely to not believe a word of what I am about to tell you.

Let me start with a little background information on these auditing actions. Ron developed the Super Power Rundowns in 1978 the same year NED and NOTs came out. A busy year indeed. The Super Power was considered very important as they would affect the speed and success of Clearing the Planet. Ron ordered these rundowns released for immediate delivery. He considered it vital and urgent. Nevertheless today, 27 years later, the Super Power are still not delivered. It seems like somebody changed the old mans priorities!

But why?

First of all there is the story about the building. It was promoted that the Super Power would be such a huge success that Flag would need more space for the delivery. Publics was encouraged to donate money, lots of money, for the building. The auditing was withheld awaiting a building!! This in itself is an out point of proportions knowing what Ron says about the need to HAVE before one can DO. I have never seen any reference that important auditing should be dependant on a physical building. A reference stating that vital auditing actions should be delayed because it would create a boom, have you?

This is also only the PR version from Management. Of course it was quite a usefull "sales talk" because the Church didn't pay for the building, the public did. At least those publics who accepted the grossly out pointy explanation that a new building was needed because of a potential success!!

Well, first of all there is Management's WW financial strategy of getting more real estate. This is the way the Church gets more assets and financial strength. Scientologists in the field donate money for a new building or for renovating an existing building. This happens all over the planet, Hamburg, Madird, Copenhagen, San Fransisco, New york, LA etc. etc. Also IAS invest it's members donations into buildings. The staff work around the clock without pay in order to pay the mortgage loans. But the buildings are NOT owned by the local orgs, they are owned by Church of Scientology Internationel. See more info here

But the Super Power briefing shed light on one more reason why a new building was an absolute must:

Super Power consist of various different Rundowns, 12 as far as I remember. One of them is called Theta Perception Rundown. A completely misleading name by the way, as it is focusing on body perceptions. One of the steps of this rundown is to physically taste 2000 different flavours and to smell 1500 different scents. This is physical exercises, not much to do with theta perceptions. Then the PC will be seated in an electrical chair (not THE infamous, but a chair with electrical features) developed in cooperation with NASA. This special chair was announced at several earlier Super Power briefings. Then the PC will face a giant screen which flashes pictures at him with enormous speed. It will move towards and away from him simultaniously. There will also be moving walls in the room.

I was completely shocked by these informations. Anybody who knows a little about LRH would instantly recognize that this "auditing" could not possibly have been developed by him. Obviously the 27 years delay on these rundowns was used "creatively". It would seem like somebody has been tampering with the original LRH Super Power. To me it sounded like the perfect "implant station". But the crowd applauded enthusiastically. It was like an automatic reaction "Wow, this is really fantastic" without at all considering what was just said. But it puts the need of a new building in another perspective. All these installations could be difficult to install in an existing building not designed for it.

Consider for a moment how LRH explains that "between-life-implants" are done, what you have studied about it. You will see that this Super Power "auditing" is a perfect duplicate of "implant" procedures. It can therefore hardly be classified as auditing. A possible explanation for all the flavours and scents are that these are chemicals, and chemicals can be combined in a way that affect the thetan and the body. That is what drugs do. Now, having a person under the influence of chemicals and then putting him in the electric chair watching a giant screen flashing pictures at him while it moves closer, withdraws, moves closer etc. that is the perfect set-up for Hubbards definitions of an "implant". What commands he will be given to the person undergoing this, one can only guess...

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