Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
Free translations at Translation Unit, book publications and the CST (Church of Spiritual Technology)

CST owns the LRH copyrights. CST therefore receives royaolties for all publications of copyrighted LRH materials, or materials "Based on the works of LRH". For full documentation please refer to the links at the buttom of this page. See also my chapter "LRH Copyrights in the wrong hands, fact or fiction"

A publishing house can buy rights for publications in two ways: By paying a certain percetage per sold copy, or by paying a fixed price for the manuscript. This is according to my own experiences in the publishing business.

Either way, the owner of the copyrights can't loose. You have not seen a writer getting billed if the publishing house took a loss on his book. No, because the publishing house has the risk, not the writer. It can be a trust like CST or a company which own the copyrights, it doesn't have to be the writer. The essence is that it is the publisher who cover the expenses, and one of the expenses is royalties for the owner of the copyrights. It is pretty basic really. Now, whether the book becomes a bestseller or a complete flop, is really the risk of the publisher. He can make a profit or a deficit, but he still has to pay royalties. I the case of LRH materials the publisher is New Era Publications ApS and Bridge Publications Inc. New Era takes care of all of Europe, Asia, and Africa and Bridge cover USA, South and central America and Canada.

When this principle is clear it is obvious to see that CST has a quite favourable possition. They take no risk. They are secured their royalties no matter how the publishers are otherwise doing. And one thing is for sure, the first creditor to get paid is the CST. If royalties are not paid, be assured that CST will not allow them to publish any further, putting the publisher out of business right on the spot. Their only purpose is to publish LRH materials, if they cannot do that, they are finished.

Alright, Scientologists come to help Translation Unit translating LRH materials into foreign languages. They either get trainning awards or they just do it for free as a help. These translators are good people who wants to help. At first glance it would seem like they help only the publisher and not the CST. Wrong! While most of these people probably doesn't even know of the existence of CST, they are actively securing income for it. By getting translations done for free, it becomes much easier for the publisher to publish the foreign language books, and make it a viable business, BUT they still have to pay royalties. They pay royalties for every single copy, no matter what language and every time a new translation is finished it is money straight down the pocket of the owner of the copyrights. CST therefor have huge vested interest in the Translation Unit being as busy as possible.

And so the TU line as it is established is another security for CST income. As there are plenty of languages and plenty of materials to translate, CST has an enormous marked to cover, billions of dollars to be made.

But that's is not enough. The steady flow of Tech alterations provided by RTC makes it necessary to constantly publish new books, course materials, volumes and so forth.

Think about this: How come that HCOB's keeps coming out, new books keep being published? It is 30 years since Ron wrote his last book on the subject of Scientology and Dianetics, and 17 years since he died. Don't you also find that a bit odd?!?!?

See more information about CST here: http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/

"In a court filing, one of the cult's many entities -- the Church of Spiritual Technology -- listed $503 million in income just for 1987." Check this link, # 12:


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