Historic 2004
Historic 2004 - my views just after defecting Church of Scientology

January 2004
Who stole the OT V (NOTs) materials from AOSH EU in Copenhagen?

I have often encountered the claim that David Mayo was involved in stealing the OT V materials from AOSH EU on 9th december 1983. There are both Church and Ron's Org people who share that viewpoint.

Yet, that seems not to be the case. Not directly at least.

There was three people involved, Robin Howard Avison Scott, Ron Lawley and Morag Bellmaine.

They dressed up in full Sea Org uniform and entered AOSH EU claiming they were missionaires from RTC. They went to the Snr C/S and demanded the NOTs materials for inspection. They also wanted a room where they could check out the materials undisturbed. They were given both.

Later same day the Snr C/S could not find the three people anymore. They were gone and so was the NOTs pack.

The Cramming Officer AOSH EU, Nir Amotz, told me that when David Mayo was running his AAC (Advanced Ability Center) he kept saying that he would soon be ready to deliver NOTs. He just had to write up all the HCOBs again. And since Mayo claimed he had written them in the first place it was only a matter of getting the time to re-write them. This never happened until January 1984, shortly after the NOTs package had been stolen from AOSH EU which tends to indicate that the stolen package had been relayed to David Mayo.

But then I met two Swiss Scientologists who both did their NOTs under David Mayo prior to 9th December 1983. They said that the NOTs materials was already available in full and that the stealing was an unnecessary action.

See the conviction of Robin Scott by Danish court here

Danish Ole G. visited Robin Scott in "Vestre Fængel" (Jail in Copenhagen) where he was detained in isolation for more than one month. He confirms that the NOTs materials were available outside the Church before the stealing.
Read this email from Ole G.

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